FREE SIM for every passenger

How it works?

  • free SIM for every passenger aged 12 and above
  • eligible for guest who book 4 days cruise and above
  • enjoy free 100MB for worldwide roaming
  • 360 days of usage period calculate from the activation day
  • you may reload to add more data and extend validity
  • you have to download designated app and register an account before use
  • you MUST activate the SIM under an Internet connection, hence we suggest you activate it before departure
  • instruction will be delivered to you along with SIM
  • either phone number or email address is needed to activate the SIM
  • you have to pay refundable deposit of MYR 30 per SIM card, and MYR 10 postage fee (within Malaysia) for each time of delivery
  • to send to areas within ASEAN countries, the postage fee is MYR 55 for each time of delivery, please refer below Q&A for area list
  • to send to other areas, the postage fee is MYR 80 for each time of delivery (some countries do not offer shipping service)
  • the deposit will be refunded after you activated the SIM (please provide us your bank details), or send back the full pack of unactivated SIM
  • no need send back the SIM after use

Q: Is this for internet connection on board?
A: No, it is used on land, it will connect to local telcos.

Q: Can I still receive phone calls from my number?
A: After you've switched to free SIM network, you will not be able to receive phone calls. This protects you from being charged by your home telcos.

Q: Does it work well with a Nano SIM?
A: Yes, it works with Nano SIMs.

Q: What devices is the SIM compatible with?
A: The SIM is compatible with any iOS and Android mobile devices with any SIM sizes.

Q: What data speed will I expect when roaming?
A: You can expect up to 4G data speed in 4G enabled countries, or at least 3G in most situations.

Q: What happens when I run out of my data allowance?
A: You will be disconnected, rest assured it won't charge you automatically. You can easily purchase the extra data in the app.

Q: Which countries are within ASEAN?
A: Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar.