Beware of Scam

We'll never call/WhatsApp you if you have not placed booking at NetCruise

  • We do not engage in telemarketing.
  • We do not accept phone bookings.
  • We do not charge any booking fees.
  • We do not provide any APK file.
  • We do not offer employee discounts.
  • NetCruise official phone numbers are only three: +6088-532732 | +6010-2126789 | +6010-6669878
  • All orders must be placed by registering an account on the NetCruise website and making the booking yourself; we do not do it on your behalf.
  • During the booking process, we will not charge you any fees.
  • All cruise schedules are regularly updated, there is no truth to the claims of scammers saying, "the website is not updated."

Latest reported scams

  • Target audience: Singaporeans
  • Scammers phone numbers: +65 9343 0230 | +65 8314 4786
  • Scam method: Requesting payment of SGD 5 as a booking fee, leading victims to a fake bank page and asking for login information.